Thursday, May 14, 2015

Illos for Tower Records' Pulse Magazine

These were all drawn for long-defunct Tower Records' Pulse Magazine in the late '90s. 

Art direction by Ned Hammad.

Glenn Danzig, Mickey Mouse & Walt Disney

Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young & K.D. Lang pay tribute to Elvis

Elvis Costello

Sonic Youth

Steven Seagal rocks out

Old School Rap on Star Search, with Public Enemy, Run DMC, KRS One,
and hosts Dick Clark and Ed McMahon

The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson & Mike Love, with Hank Williams, Jr, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers

Sviatoslav Richter, Martha Argerich, and other classical folks having a sleepover

The Cranberries

Diana Ross and George H. W. Bush selling Amway in Japan

Bob Dole, Rudy Ray Moore, (AKA Dolemite) and the Clintons

The Butthole Surfers' Gibby Haynes

Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop & some world music dudes

Horrible music stamps of the future

Ted Nugent vs. the Indigo Girls

Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp with Jow Walsh, Ringo Starr and Clarence Clemons

The Clash's Mick Jones and Joe Strummer

Elton John, U2's Bono, Bowie & Lou Reed playing dress-up

P.J. Harvey & the stars of The X Files

Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee doing community service

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