Sunday, June 03, 2012

My Take on Hans Rickheit's COCHLEA & EUSTACHIA

I think I've hoisted my fan flag for cartoonist Hans Rickheit a few times here in the past. I've enjoyed every scrap of his exquisitely-drawn, darkly hilarious work that I've seen, and I've had the privilege of publishing him in a couple of comics anthologies. You can imagine how excited I was when Hans asked me to offer my take on his delightful twins, Cochlea & Eustachia.

I don't remember exactly when Hans sent me the invite. What I do know is that it was far enough back that I'm embarrassed at how long it's taken me to get my shit together and crank this one out.

As you might expect, I loved wandering for a few days through Cochlea & Eustachia's world, the best part of the trip being our daughter Alice's questions about the drawing. Questions like, "are the girls escaping from something," "is one of them a robot," "is the little monster their friend, or is he going to eat them," "why are their feet green," etc.

(and if you don't know Hans Rickheit's stuff, get your ass over here: )