Thursday, March 26, 2015

A tip of the hat to departing Riverfront Times art director Tom Carlson

Joe Camel, January 2010 
Kim Jong Il Rocks, February 2005 

Undead Elvis, August 2002 

Nelly rapping with Dick Gephardt, December 2004

Stinky Chicken, February 2002

Popcorn Sex, October 2004

Bad Beer Baron board game, January 2011
Bad Beer Baron board game, January 2011

Bad Beer Baron board game, January 2011
Bad Beer Baron board game, January 2011

I saw earlier today that Tom Carlson, titan among art directors, is parting ways with the Riverfront Times after 31 years at the alt weekly. That’s a staggering run! Offhand, I can think of only one other art department denizen who’s held his post anywhere near that long, (Village Voice stalwart Jesus Diaz).
I spent a few minutes reviewing my illos for Riverfront Times, and was pleased to discover that, in spite of the age of many of them, a fair number of the illos I drew for Tom are aging well. I’m posting a few of them here as a tip of the hat to one of the greats. THANKS, TOM! 
(No need to break out the hankies, Tom continues in his role as Design Director of the Voice Media Group).

Sunday, March 22, 2015

THE THREE FACES OF SHAT: illo for ATLANTA Magazine, Nov. 2012

In honor of William Shatner’s 84th birthday, here’s an illo I drew for ATLANTA Magazine in 2012, (art direction by Eric Capossela). I’ve never been entirely happy with this one; in fact, the Shatner as TJ Hooker likeness was one of the most painful drawing struggles I’ve gone through in recent years. 

Monday, March 09, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Artwork for upcoming Dave Hill comedy album LEAKED!

This weekend, an individual, (most likely someone in the Dave Hill organization) leaked a preliminary version of the artwork for the as-yet-unreleased Dave Hill comedy CD "Let Me Turn You On," (coming soon from aspecialthing records). Mr. Hill is investigating the incident, and may press charges.
In the meantime, since this art leak occurred on Instagram, (where image quality is lousy) I feel it is now in the public interest that the art should be leaked at a higher resolution.
Please note: if you have any information as to the identity of the leaker, please contact me immediately, (you may be eligible for a small reward). Also, be sure to check for updates about the release of "Let Me Turn You On."

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Will Eisner illo for New York Press, 4/27/97

If it's Will Eisner Week, then it must be time for me to break out my Will Eisner illo, drawn for New York Press on April 27th, 1997, (Art direction by Michael Gentile). 

Bibi Netanyahu illo for New York Press, 6/3/96

Here's an illo for the late, great Alexander Cockburn's weekly column in New York Press, dated June 3rd, 1996. Not only was this my introduction to Netanyahu, (pictured here with some kind of nasty-looking war bird) it was also my introduction to finding photo reference via the web. Upon getting this assignment, I remember scrambling around trying to find pictures of Netanyahu in various magazines. It was at this point that my wife Linda suggested I try searching for pictures on this new Internet thing. The Internet and I have enjoyed an uneasy friendship ever since.
Art direction by Michael Gentile.