Monday, January 12, 2015

"ANIMAL HOUSE" illo for Philadelphia Magazine

"ANIMAL HOUSE," illo for Philadelphia Magazine
Jan 2015, art direction by Michael Wilson
(with a tip of the hat to the great Rick Meyerowitz!)

Friday, January 02, 2015


FORD TRANSIT illos for BoingBoing, art direction by Mark Frauenfelder.

BOATING THE ABYSS illo for Gareth Branwyn’s BORG LIKE ME

ROBERT BIGELOW illo for LAS VEGAS WEEKLY, art direction by Corlene Byrd

ALTAR HUMP illo for THE STRANGER, art direction by Aaron Huffman

T-SHIRT DESIGN for WFMU’s The Goddamn Dave Hill Show

AL GOLDSTEIN R.I.P. cover art for XPOSE Magazine, art direction by Kevin Hein.

COUCH GRAD illo for Columbus Monthly, art direction by Carrie Sosnowski

SOVIET SPACE AMAZON, imaginary propaganda poster for COUVERTURE #3

NEW YORK COMIC FEST 2014 poster, art direction by Cliff Galbraith

DEBLASIO’S NEW YORK, cover art for Xpose Magazine, art direction by Kevin Hein.

SELFIES IN SPACE, back cover for CRINGE anthology

Gig poster for Dave Hill show at Union Hall

Pin-up drawing for Bob Fingerman’s MINIMUM WAGE

HEAT MISER TRIUMPHANT, drawing for a Rankin Bass-themed art show

GOD’S EYE cover illo for NORTH BAY BOHEMIAN, art direction by Stett Holbrook & Tom Gogola

Comic strip featuring WMMR’s Preston & Steve for PHILADELPHIA Magazine, text by Victor Fiorillo, art direction by Michael Wilson, drawings by me.

GENE SIMMONS UNBOXED, illo for REVOLVER, art direction by Duane Bruton & Brandon Geist

ISOLATION CELL cover illo for NORTH BAY BOHEMIAN, art direction by Tom Gogola and Stett Holbrook

MEAN CHEERLEADERS illo for REVOLVER, art direction by Duane Bruton & Brandon Geist

Crime Scene illo for LAS VEGAS WEEKLY, art direction by Marvin Lucas