Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"Monster Gal," illo for KITCHEN SINK

"Monster Gal," illo for KITCHEN SINK
September 2002, art direction by Lauren McCubbin.

Weasel-Like Creatures Ripped My Flesh!

It's a Zappa reference! It's a Mens Adventure mag reference! It's a Bill deBlasio/Giuliani reference! It's WEASELS, or FERRETS, MARTENS or...WHATEVER!

"Weasel-Like Creatures Ripped My Flesh," a cover illo for HARTFORD ADVOCATE, August 2009, art direction by John Adamian.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

My back cover art for CRINGE, a new comics anthology

Here's my back cover drawing for CRINGE, 
a new comics anthology of embarrassment from 
editor Peter S. Conrad & Birdcage Bottom Books. 
Pledge now, or live out the rest of your days in shame!

(and here's me talking about CRINGE