Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Morning Again In America.....Again?

Here's a pair of illos to help celebrate the Democratic victories in yesterday's mid-term elections.

The first is a cover illo for the Boston Phoenix, (art direction by Kristen Goodfriend) from the week of October 25th, 2006. The Phoenix was running a review of Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette," and the reviewer wanted to draw some kind of connection between the film and Bush's low approval rating. This one makes a nice bookend to an earlier one I did for the Phoenix in September of 2005, which showed Bush dressed as Nero, complete with toga, laurel leaves and fiddle, (see the post I made on August 22, 2006 for the Hurricane Katrina Anniversary).

The second illo is from September of 2002, for Alexander Cockburn's weekly column for New York Press, (art direction by Michael Gentile) and I think it's the only time I've drawn Donald Rumsfeld. Much as I would've enjoyed having another crack at the now former Secretary of Defense, I'm not sorry to see him go.