Thursday, November 28, 2013

MAD Magazine gig from 2004

Earlier today on Tumblr, “Anonymous” asked if I’d ever done an assignment for MAD Magazine. The answer is: yes, I’ve done one job for MAD, (in spring of 2004) and here it is. These were drawings for a two page feature mocking TV “reality” dating shows, (then at the height of their popularity). 

I’d grown up on MAD, and I was thrilled to get the chance to work for the mag. While this was fun stuff to draw, it was also a lot of work on a fairly tight deadline, and by this point, MAD’s historically-generous page rates had been trimmed way back. For reasons unknown to me, they never gave me another assignment, and I haven't been too aggressive about chasing after them for more work, because the pay is just OK.

One thing I should point out: if these illos strike you as a bit racy for the pages of MAD, (largely a kids’ mag these days) don’t blame me. They asked me to amp up the jiggly-pokie stuff.

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