Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Calendar That Wasn't

Bad news from the Bougieman: owing to Tower Records’ recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the plug has been pulled on the Cinema Sewer calendar for 2007. I’m not sure exactly what kind of arrangement Robin had with the folks at Tower; perhaps they were funding the print run, or maybe their distribution was key. In any event, Tower has pulled out, and the calendar is kaput. It’s a shame; last year’s calendar was packed with fun, and I’m sure this one would’ve been even better.

Here are two drawings I’d contributed to Robin’s calendar; the first was for the cover, (a scene of monster mayhem at your local drive-in cinema), and the second was for the month of December, (showing Santa Claus in his little-known side gig as vampire hunter coming up against Christopher Lee’s Dracula). As one would imagine, I’m bummed that these two drawings won’t be seeing print, (at least until I can figure out some way to repurpose ‘em), so in an effort to dry my tears, here they are in all their low-res digital glory.


  1. Very nice. Adding you to my list of links. Good to see your work and hear some thoughts on it. I'm about to AdBase myself a list of AD's and send out my first mailing.

  2. Robert Cook12:56 AM

    You can repurpose these drawings thusly: The Cinema Sewer Calender Cover can be easily altered for use as a cover to Cinema Sewer magazine. Take out the banner stating "365 Days of...etc." and put something else in the theater marquee.

    The Santa Claus as Van Helsing drawing can be used as a back Cinema Sewer, to TYPHON, or to any miscellaneous project. Add some bare-titted babes, and it could be a cover--the last?--of SCREW. Or, it could be your Christmas Card this year.