Friday, June 30, 2006

BOSKO #1 Launch Party Pix

On June 14th, I stumbled over to the East Village's charming BOXCAR LOUNGE to spend a few precious, beer-soaked moments with the legendary cartoonist (and PUNK Magazine co-founder) JOHN HOLMSTROM to celebrate the debut of BOSKO #1. Comics fans worldwide have spent countless sleepless nights tossing and turning on their tattered futons, wondering when "America's Least Favorite Cartoon Character " would finally get his own comic book; I'm glad to say that the long wait is finally over!

BOSKO #1 is a slick, full-color comic book, (approximately 36 pages), and as far as I know, this is the first comic book to bear the proud imprimatur of PUNK Magazine, (if you need me to explain what PUNK Magazine is, you should go away, study everything on this page, and come back when you're done). Inside the covers of BOSKO #1, you'll find the exploits of (who else?) Bosko, a hard-drinking, good-natured smart-ass; you'll also find a true-life tale of 70's era NYC terror as Holmstrom, Ken Weiner (a.k.a. Ken Avidor) and their drunken pals go toe-to-toe with a pack of belligerent bridge & tunnel goons. Many of these strips are brand new, some are not-so-new, (although appearing in color here for the first time), but all are great fun and definitely worth your $4.95. Support the PUNK Magazine publishing empire and buy direct from the PUNK website!

Snapshots from the BOSKO #1 launch party at BOXCAR LOUNGE:

The man himself, JOHN HOLMSTROM takes us on a tour of his tonsils

SCREW alums KEVIN HEIN and ERIC DANVILLE soak in the glory of 2-for-1 draught beers

NEW YORK PRESS alums (and ghost hunters) MIKE WARTELLA and TANYA RICHARDSON join Holmstrom in a dizzying kaleidoscopic whirlwind of all things BOSKO, (and no, that is NOT a clip-on beard)


  1. It's great news to read Holmstom and Punk magazine hasn't disappeared altogether. As a young(er) laddie I used to mail-order STOP! magazine, as it was otherwise totally unavailable here in the UK. Bosko was certainly one of that mag's offensive highlights and one of the reasons why I look back with affection at that particular flurry of humour activity.

  2. STOP was also a favorite of mine, John, although I had a much easier time getting my hands on the mag than you did. A year or two out of High School, my friends and I would discover free copies of the latest issue of STOP stacked up on the bar in various East Village watering holes; nothing went better with a cheap pitcher of shitty beer, (STOP was printed on some highly-absorbent newsprint).

    I think the deal with STOP was that cartoonist (& STOP contributor) Ken Weiner (aka Ken Avidor) was art directing SCREW magazine at the time, and he was able to gang STOP up on SCREW's press runs and save big on printing; this would explain why STOP was printed on the same newsprint stock, and had similar spot color on the cover. If we're lucky, maybe Weiner or Holmstrom will stop by and confirm/deny this story.

  3. Thanks Danny for the kind words about Stop.

    One correction... The incredible, phenomenal Bruce Carleton was the amazing Art Director at SCREW during the STOP years.

    I was Art Director of SCREW later. Unfortunately I left before Danny Hellman created his classic, incredible, phenomenal covers for SCREW.

    Great to read about Homstrom's great new, color BOSKO comic on your blog. Holmstrom is a freakin' genius and the new comic is an instant classic.

    However, I understand that some evil lawyer contacted Weiner (who sometimes lives in my basement).... anyways I heard that Weiner is going to sue Homstrom for "deformation of cartoon character" which out here in Minnesota is an offence punnishable by dunking in a vat of Summit Ale... anyways, it's been rumored that Weiner is boasting that he's got his "sneaker on Holmstrom's neck" or something like that.

    (incidentally, great Hellman and Holmstrom roasts in Weiner/Avidor Roast in Lutefisk Sushi Show! )

  4. WTF? I just checked out "Avidor's link... (Everyone knows that it's YOU, Weiner! Stop hiding behind that middle-aged freak!)

    Do you mean to say that my artwork is now being featured in some super-expensive, limited edition boxed set?

    For shit I drew for free?

    And you're saying you're pissed off with ME???

    Man oh man... Talk about getting lawyers and shit! WEINER--YOU'RE A DEAD MAN WALKING!!!

    Man, me and Bruce Carleton (www, are gonna go visit that fucking backwater you call "Minneapolis" and take turns kicking YOUR ASS! From one end of the state to the other!

    Ya know, we compared notes on the night in question... And 20 years later Bruce FINALLY agrees with me that he and I should have been kicking some ass after those wimpy cartoonists left us to rot in jail all night...

    And someday? I'll do a tell-all. (Fucking Peter Bagge!)

  5. It's all true.... and I'd do it all again if I could find my glasses... and my teeth.....

    Hey Holmstrom can I get a swig off your Geritol?

  6. Robert Cook1:26 PM

    Am I the only one who thinks that shocking picture above of Holmstrom sticking his tongue out at first glance looks like G.G. Allin has risen from the septic ta--er, grave?

  7. Bosko was certainly one of that mag's offensive highlights and one of the reasons why I look back with affection at that particular flurry of humour activity.