Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Take On Captain America #2 (for Robert Goodin's COVERED Blog)

In January 2009, talented cartoonist, (and TYPHON contributor) Robert Goodin invited me via email to take part in his Covered project. As he put it, "I've just launched a blog called Covered that will feature artists redrawing comic covers in their own style. Participating artists will come from the fields of comics, animation, graphic design, and galleries from all over the world. Some will be well known, and some not so well known."

Needless to say, many months have passed since that invite went out, and the Covered Blog is now loaded with fun stuff. Comics fans owe it to themselves to check it out.

The Summer of 2009 brought the usual Summertime lull in illo assignments. I took advantage of the downtime by tackling a pile of fun freebie projects, including this one. It's my take on a classic wartime Captain America comic book cover, which shows the star-spangled super soldier busting in on Onkel Dolf, seconds before the fiend takes a dagger to Cap's trusty sidekick Bucky.

Here's what my Covered contribution looks like. Click on this link if you want to compare it to Joe Simon's original 1941 version.


  1. Cool! Love the look on Cap's face. I've been itching to do something for Covered too.

  2. Such a good style! I love the expression of Captain America!

  3. Danny, I absolutely love this! This scene looks great in your style, and Cap's "Frankenstein" expression is just priceless.

  4. I love your work, first of all. I have been a fan for a while now. I was very surprised to see you had done this cover on Rob's blog because I had already nearly finished mine version of CA #1 which posted on the 21st. Anyway, I am honored to be in your company there.

  5. right on Danny., nice work

  6. Hello Danny,
    really cool!!!