Friday, June 30, 2006

Art for Cinema Sewer Calendar 2006

Last week, I turned in two pieces of art for Robin Bougie's CINEMA SEWER Calendar for 2007, so this seems like a good time to post the two illos I did for LAST year's calendar. The first illo ran on the calendar's cover, and the second illo was for the month of December, (Santa & Co besieged by Toho monsters Godzilla, Ghidorah, and Mothra). The two illos I did for this year's calendar are in a similar vein, but I think it's best that I keep them under wraps until the calendar hits the shelves, (I think these calendars are available at Tower Books).

For those unfamiliar with the mag, CINEMA SEWER is a great zine dedicated to schlock films; in addition to tons of film reviews, features and zany comic strips, editor (and talented cartoonist) Bougie hand-letters every page of each issue, which gives the mag a unique, handmade (yet very readable) feel. I always have a lot of fun drawing for CINEMA SEWER, because it's one of the few opportunities I get to really cut loose and do some wild stuff. Here's another drawing I did in the Summer of 2004 for the cover of CINEMA SEWER #15.


  1. Is the Roller-Girl art work for sale? I'm a big fan.
    Drop me a line: Skullcano chez if I still have a shot at owning that.

  2. wow
    great illos great blog
    just ordered typhon can't wait to get it!

  3. edsquid3:49 PM

    No one can draw women or Toho Monsters quite as well as you, Danny!